Saturday 11 March 
Second stage: Al Qudra Desert 
Link section: 32.56 km - Special: 174.20 km – Link section: 31.63 km - Total: 238.39 km

In quad, the victor is Fahad al Musalam ahead of Humaid Almashghouni and the incredible Camelia Liparoti who takes the third step of the podium and the laurels in the women’s category. “I am really happy to come third in this first FIM Baja of the season”, says Camelia. “It was tough to beat the locals and I had to dig deep. I wasn’t born in the desert, unlike the local guys who know how to find their way through the dunes! But I’m proud to be the first European woman to have left all the Kazakhs behind. Today, I didn’t push too hard. It was dangerous as we were retracing our tracks from yesterday and the cars had ploughed up the landings after the dunes. Several times my quad had two wheels in the air and I couldn’t keep control. Anyway, I’m not tired and I can’t wait to get out into the dunes again on my quad!”
The first Baja of the FIM World Cup is over and everyone agrees that it was a fabulous event that gives novices a chance to race in the desert, get to know the road book and the GPS and try their hand at navigation in a safe environment with excellent organisation. 
See you again soon for new adventures in Abu Dhabi in early April!

1. 203 AL MUSALLAM F. 4:52:53.0
2. 202 ALMASHGHOUNI H. 5:10:58.0
3. 201 LIPAROTI C. 5:56:10.0
4. 206 BAIZHIYENOV T. 6:53:25.0
5. 207 SOLOKHA K. 6:59:35.0